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Function and style can go hand in hand. Our collection consists of flexible briefcases, backpacks and laptop computer baggage that Blend design and style with practicality. The ideal bag can make it quick that you should have your files, notebook and various business enterprise Necessities.

You can set any backpack in your individual backpack slot. For each default press sneak and B to open the GUI.

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Explore a girl’s handbag, and you’re seeking into her lifetime—it’s the one accessory that goes along with her all over the place.

Even with their simplicity, baggage are already elementary for the event of human civilization, as they permit persons to simply obtain loose components including berries or foods grains, and to transport a lot more things than could commonly be carried while in the hands.

You'll be able to update any backpack, besides the ender backpack, to a large backpack by putting tanned leather all-around it:

bag - a transportable rectangular container for carrying clothing; "he carried his little bag on to the aircraft with him"

third foundation, third - the base that need to be touched third by a base runner in baseball; "he was reduce a close Engage in at 3rd"

six. something that hangs loosely, sags, or is formed similar to a bag, for instance a loose fold of skin beneath the eyes or even the bulging Component of a sail

(preceded by "the") A breathalyzer, so named mainly because it previously experienced a plastic bag about the top to measure a set quantity of breath.

feedbag, nosebag - a canvas bag that may be utilized to feed an animal (like a horse); covers the muzzle and fastens at the top of The pinnacle

You will find environmental concerns pertaining to use and disposal of plastic searching and trash bags. Efforts are increasingly being taken to regulate and decrease their use in certain European news Union international locations, which includes Ireland and the Netherlands. Sometimes the cheap bags are taxed so The shopper have to spend a rate the place they may not have done Beforehand.

a homeless woman who carries all around along with her all her belongings, commonly in shopping baggage. Bag females frequently snooze on benches in general public parks and railway stations. bergie, hawelose, boemelaar المُتَشَرِّدات، نِساءُ الحَقائِب бездомна жена mendiga bezdomovkyně die Obdachlose posedame άστεγη γυναίκα που μεταφέρει τα υπάρχοντά της σε σακούλες mujer indigente kodutu naine پیرزن بی خانمان kassi-alma clocharde אִישָׁה חַסרַת בָּיִת बेघर महिला prosjakinja hajléktalan nő wanita gelandangan (donna senzatetto che porta in giro con sé le tutte sue cose) ホームレスの女性 (미 속어) 여자 마약 장수 nešuliais apsikrovusi valkata bezpajumtniece perempuan yang tiada tempat berteduh zwerfsteruteligger, hjemløs kvinne bezdomna żebraczka بي كوره ښځه женщина-бомж bezdomovkyňa beračica beskućnica kvinnlig uteliggare, baglady หญิงจรจัด kadın berduş 將家當(裝在袋裡)帶在身上的女遊民 старчиха بے آسرا خاتون người phụ nữ vô gia cư 露宿街头的无家可归的女人,女流浪者

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